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How Can I Help Stop Child Sexual Abuse?

Join the movement of individuals and organizations dedicated to protecting children.

All adults are responsible for creating safe communities where sexual abuse is stopped before a child is ever harmed. Join the growing number of adults who are standing up and speaking out about child sexual abuse. Starting the discussion is the first step to making kids less vulnerable to sexual abuse.

  1. Donate Now! to keep our Helpline phone and email services free!
  2. Sign our petition to have federal agencies require child sexual abuse prevention for youth-serving organizations. Encourage your community to sign on as well.
  3. Spread the word: share our Prevention and Warning Signs Tip Sheets. Download and reprint these for FREE under our Creative Commons guidelines.
  4. Shop our store for low cost Stop It Now! posters and tip cards. Share these with your school, community organizations, faith-group or anyone interested in prevention. Order out Guidebooks at Safer Society Press here. See our survey results on how others have utilized our prevention tip sheets.
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  7. Check out our YouTube Channel. Watch a conversation with Fran Henry, founder of Stop It Now!. She talks about how the organization's start and approach was influenced by her own experience and what she saw in the field nearly 20 years ago.
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Creating safe environments where kids are safe from sexual harm is everyone’s responsibility. Join us by taking steps to protect the children in your community from sexual abuse.